When you decide to free up some floor space with a TV Wall Mount, follow these steps to ensure you purchase the right wall mount for your TV or monitor.

TV Wall Mounts

How to Choose a TV Wall Mount:

Step 1. Start by deciding how much adjustment you would like in a wall mount. TV wall mounts are made in various levels of adjustment. Types include fixed (stationary), tilting (up and down), swing-out or articulating arm (back and forth, up and down) or rotating (landscape to portrait).

Step 2. Check the mounting pattern on the back of your TV. There are holes there specifically for mounting a TV to the wall or ceiling. Most mounting patterns are VESA standard (100 x 100, 200 x 200 etc.), but some are not. If the mounting pattern on your TV is not VESA standard, you will need to purchase an adapter plate that works with the TV and the mount that you intend to use.

Step 3. Find the size and weight of your TV or monitor. TV wall mounts are made to hold monitors within a range of size and weight, so you will need to choose a wall mount that works with the size and weight of your TV. The weight of your TV is important because even though a mount may fit your TV, it may not hold the weight of your TV. Choose a mount that holds more than the weight of your TV to avoid any safety hazards.

Step 4. If you are mounting a TV in a public place, you should choose a mount that is UL listed. These wall mounts provide a level of safety appropriate for use in gyms, schools, commercial and business settings.

Step 5. Choose to buy from a mounting professional who can verify the mount fit for your TV or monitor. StandsandMounts.com and DisplayThisWay.com are staffed with certified mounting experts.