In-Wall Recessed TV Mounts

The Mount is hidden inside a Recessed Monitor Mount.

Mount your flat screen TV or monitor with a recessed wall mount for the flexibility of a full motion flat screen wall mount without the visual bulk. In-wall TV mounts attach your TV or monitor into a recessed enclosure that is placed between two wall studs. Some recessed mounts come with an enclosure, and others do not. If you choose a recessed TV mount and need to choose an enclosure, see our In-Wall Mount Enclosures category. The advantage of using a in-wall recessed monitor mount with an enclosure is that it is an extremely low profile, virtually flush display in which the mount of the TV is not in view. A recessed mount in a storage box is the ultimate in sleek, low-profile monitor mount designs. It allows you to pull out and adjust your monitor or TV for optimum viewing and then return to the wall where it is has a sleek, low-profile look.