Enhance Your Trade Show Booth Traffic with Flat Screen Monitor Stands and Mounts

Is there a lonelier feeling in the world than watching a continuous flow of people walk right past your trade show booth without even giving it so much as a glance? After going to all that time and expense to secure a spot and set up a display, it can be quite discouraging when no one seems to notice. Fortunately, there are some surefire enhancements you can make to attract more foot traffic at your next event.

Include Technology
One of the best things you can do is add a bit of technology to your booth. Even if your industry doesn't deal in high-tech products, people still like to see trendy displays with appealing visual effects. This can be achieved by doing something as simple as setting up a couple of flat screen monitors or televisions with flat screen monitor mounts in the booth. Then you can play a short video on a loop that demonstrates your company’s products or services, or simply show various close-up or cross-section views of a product you wish to highlight. When done correctly, the video should lead to a desire for more information, at which point you or a colleague can move in with a pitch.

Provide Interactive Displays
Another proven way to attract potential customers to your trade show booth is to offer some interactive displays for guests to experiment with. People like to feel involved, and would much rather manipulate a touchscreen than stand there idly while someone talks at them. So grab a couple of screens or tablets, carefully arrange them on stable monitor kiosk or flat screen stand, and sit back while visitors flock to the booth. This kind of interactivity can give potential customers precisely the information they want or need with a minimum of wasted time. Moreover, depending on the kind of multimedia you use in your display, it might be possible to evaluate the data at a later time to analyze which products, services, or features were accessed most during the event, thereby allowing you to make changes and streamline your presentation for the next show.

Incorporate Motion
Even if you’re working with nothing more than a tabletop display, there are still a variety of informative tools you can use to help attract visitors. Motion is a proven attention-grabber, so at the very least, you should try to get your hands on some digital signage, as well as a few mobile flat screen stands. You can then position the sign on one of the portable monitor mounts at your disposal, and program the message to blink, flash, or crawl across the screen, which will turn heads and at least ensure that your words get read. If this is beyond your budget, then more cost-effective tools such as a laptop computer with a preloaded PowerPoint presentation, portable projector, diorama, or even a whiteboard can be used in creative ways at a table-top display to draw folks in. From monitor and flat screen TV panels to touchscreen tablets, laptops, digital signage and more, there are plenty of options out there for helping boost trade show booth traffic. Regardless of your budget, as long as you have the right stands and mounts and enough space in your display area, you can set up an interesting booth that will capture attention and attract as many visitors as you can handle.