Projector Mounts

Projector mounts keep expensive equipment safe from damage and reduce the chance of theft. We offer projector mounting brackets with model-specific or universal mounting patterns for wall or ceiling installation. Add audio upgrades, escutcheon rings or adjustable extension columns for a customized installation.

SpiroLock Projector Mounts
Mount you projector on the wall or ceiling with a Premier Mounts universal projector mount. Most projector mounts feature integrated security, mounting plates and adjustable drop pipe lengths. Call us at 1-800-807-1477 for help.
Projector Mounting Bundles
Projector mounting kits make mount buying easy by bundling mounting supplies in one convenient package. We offer projector mounting supplies for wall and ceiling installations. Some kits include ceiling plates and adapters.
View Short Throw Wall Projector Mounts here.
Short throw projector mounts attach to walls, white boards and other vertical surfaces. They can be described as wall projector mounts.