In-Wall Mount Boxes

Hide the Gear!

In-wall TV mount enclosures are designed to hide and store flat screens mounts and accompanying peripherals out of view. They enhance the view while also keeping electronic components close at hand. Choices include boxes that you can place the monitor into for a completely flat-on-the-wall look as well as those that house only the mount itself. In-wall recessed TV mounts allow you to pull out the monitor and adjust it to the angle that you desire. When finished viewing, you can push the TV back into the wall. Most mount enclosures include electrical knockouts and integrated security for wall or ceiling installations. Display This Way offers compact equipment mounting boxes in many styles: in-wall mounting boxes for monitors, outdoor enclosures for monitors and TV screens. In-wall TV monitor enclosures and storage boxes are available in landscape or portrait orientation. Flanges are available to cover the edges of the mounting box for a clean professional finish.