Add Ons, Accessories & Adapters

NPT pipes & extension columns for mounting to ceilings
NPT Pipes & Extension Columns are drop down pipes that allow you to hang your projector mount, monitor mount or TV mount exactly where you want it to be.
Mounting Adapters and Adapter Plates
Mounting Adapters and Adapter Plates
Ceiling Mount Plates
Ceiling Mounting Plates for projector mounts, monitor mounts and TV mounts. Mounting to the ceiling is made easy with a ceiling plate.
Audio rack add-on shelves are found here.
Modular AV Rack Add-On Shelves allow you to customize your rack and display your components as you desire. All of the modular add-on av shelves at ship free.
Adapter for Projector Mount
Mounting projectors may require an extension column, pipe coupler or ceiling plate, depending on your projector mount installation. Projector mount accessories help you create a clean, professional business presentation or home theater. This category incl
foot plates, spikes, casters and floor protection for av carts, tv stands and audio racks.
Component Rack Accessories help you design your AV rack exactly as you like it. Each component rack accessory at Display This Way ships for free.
Monitor Stand Accessories
Customize your mobile cart or monitor floor stand with an add-on accessory. We offer component shelves, pole mounting adapters, brochure holders, camera shelves and more.
Pipe Nipples, Couplers & Clamps
Pipe Nipples, Couplers & Clamps
presentation furniture and podium accessories
Accessories for use with podiums, lecterns and presentation furniture can be found here.
Cable Covers and Visual Enhancement
Products that visually enhance to your monitor mount or TV monitor stand.
Mounting Anchors, Screws & Fasteners
Mounting Anchors, Screws & Fasteners
AV Rack Mounting Hardware and Accessories
Accessories for your component rack are here. We offer rack rails, rack fan assemblies, screws with captive washers, add-on component shelves and rack frame kits made by Middle Atlantic Racks.
AV Mounting Installation Accessories
AV Mounting Installation Accessories
Let us help you find the extra parts you need to customize or complete your mounting project. Mounting accessories for TVs, monitors and projectors make mounting a breeze. NTP pipe extension columns, ceiling plates or adapter plates and hardware kits with screws and fasteners get you to that finished goal of mounting a TV, monitor, projector or speaker anywhere that you want to. Choose an add-on shelf for your audio rack, find the exact right length of drop pipe to hang that monitor or projector exactly where you want it, add a fan to your component rack or foot plates under you AV stand. It’s all here and it all ships for free.