Types of Trade Show Exhibit Displays:
Visual Display Stands and TV Mounts

Making a good impression at an industry trade show can have a tremendous impact on lead generation, sales, and cultivation of new contacts. For these reasons, it’s absolutely critical that you set up a sleek, professional-looking display that succinctly conveys the message your company is trying to send. In order to do this, you need to know a little bit about the more popular kinds of trade show exhibit displays to choose from.

Trade Show Exhibit Display Options

·         Table-top displays: For starters, table-top displays are about as basic as they come. These displays often consist of a couple of fabric-covered panels on which you can attach Velcro-backed graphics or text. Table-top displays are cheap, portable, and easy to set up, and can be supplemented with whiteboards or similar tools. On the downside, they aren’t equipped to provide space for Flat screen stands or a projector mount. These displays many times aren’t appropriate for major events where attendees will expect much more sophisticated displays.

·         Panel Displays: These displays are a step up from table-top units. The panels are usually rectangular in shape and can be pushed together to form a wall behind a table or desk. Because the panels are easily manipulated, you can arrange them in almost any configuration to take full advantage of the space allotted to you. Panel display booths can be dressed up with LED electronic signage or a small LCD screen—as long as you have the right TV mounts at your disposal.

·         Pop-up Displays: For major trade shows, many companies opt to invest in pop-up displays or truss displays. A pop-up display features a lightweight frame that can easily expand or collapse for quick setup and takedown. These displays give you a large surface to work with so you can proudly exhibit details of your company’s products or services to passersby. For an even more effective presentation, consider pairing a pop-up display with a projector mount so you can beam an informative video right onto the display for the benefit of your visitors.

·         Truss Displays: These types of displays typically give you the most flexibility in terms of how you set up your area. Made from a combination of lightweight aluminum and steel tubing, these displays can be arranged in practically any shape or design you desire. Guests will expect big things from such a big display, however, so it would help to embellish the exhibit with an array of plasma televisions (carrying your main message, of course) on flat screen stands or TV mounts placed in strategic locations within the booth.

The type of trade show display you ultimately go with depends on many different elements, including your objectives for appearing at the event, your budget, the number of colleagues that will be on hand to assist you, and how far and by what means you’ll have to transport the equipment. Once you determine the answers to these questions, you can choose the option that makes the most sense for your situation.